“It’s an incredible feat to acquire such dynamic and diverse spaces.”

“The Atlantic Project responds to ‘how the role of the artist will change’ with its impressive artistic scope, focused thematic- curation and infiltration of city-significant, derelict buildings.”

Art Monthly

“Already a pioneering project”

“The excellent scope of work on display by local and international artists alike refreshed various aspects of Plymouth’s past ... [in] an ambitious, enjoyable ... will to reconcile diverse historical legacies with a city that is sensitively trying to articulate itself in the present.”

Cool Hunting

“Truly thought-provoking”


“One of The Atlantic Project’s greatest successes is the contextualization of its artworks within thoughtfully selected public spaces.”

“The pilot biennial plots the English naval city’s place in an increasingly globalized age”

FX Magazine

“A new cultural programme for Plymouth”

“What is most impressive about Plymouth is the sense that all these initiatives come from a shared ambition and energy.”

Manor Magazine

“Plymouth’s visual arts scene is booming”

“Plymouth could join Manchester, Margate, Hull and Hastings as it harnesses the positive power of a prestigious international visual arts programme called The Atlantic Project ... the biggest step so far taken towards showcasing the city, and its historic buildings, on the contemporary arts scene.”

The Guardian

“Dreamers and Disrupters: the best art and architecture of autumn 2018 ... A pilot programme for a new biennial based around the multimillion-pound renovation of Plymouth City Museum and Gallery (opening as the Box in 2020)”

This Is Tomorrow

“Across The Atlantic Project, a thoughtful dialogue between installation and environment addresses the evolving function of the city”

“The Atlantic Project inserts itself into the very fabric of [Plymouth’s] landscape with an incredible array of work, that echoes both the past and anticipating, albeit with a sense of trepidation, our unknown future”

RES (Swedish travel magazine)

“I was really impressed by how beautiful it was by the coast here. The coastline looks like the Mediterranean, while the city centre is brutal and modernist, which I like. And the Atlantic Project is an awesome project: it’s a pilot programme for 2020, when the city celebrates Mayflower 400”

“Artists from all over the world show works all over Plymouth, and it’s really fun to see the premises they have chosen. I really liked both the Atlantic Project, which lasts on 21 October, and Plymouth. It took three hours by train from London, so quite a nice excursion!”


“If the Atlantic Project has blown your mind enough get ready for the two-part ending? Yes, this is so good it needs to come to a close as a two-parter”

Plymouth Herald

“Something totally Instagram-able is about to appear on Drake’s Island” “An exciting period of change for the arts in Plymouth”

Plymouth Herald

“A cool new initiative called The Atlantic Project”

The Alternative

“The Atlantic Project: Plymouth’s 400th anniversary of the Mayflower triggers big thinking and global art”

Artists Newsletter

“The visual arts in Plymouth are undergoing an exciting period of change, in the lead-up to the Mayflower 400 anniversary in 2020.”

British Airways High Life

“A pilot for a new global festival of contemporary art, as Plymouth anticipates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s voyage to the New World in 1620.”