Chang Jia
도원도 프린트 원본 가로 레이어S 1

Chang Jia (b. 1973, Seoul) new work, Heavenly, Corrupted Landscapes (2018) is comprised of a video and a series of photographs, referencing the Four Major Rivers Project in Korea, and the pollution of the waterways that resulted. Chang draws parallels between the corruption of the landscape and of the human body (in relation to her earlier work), referencing traditional Chinese landscape painting of the Ming Dynasty, but made up with microscopic bacteria gathered from the polluted rivers.

Royal William Yard Opened in 1835, occupying 16 acres of purpose-designed buildings at Devil’s Point, where the River Tamar meets Plymouth Sound, this was the main victualling yard for the Royal Navy for more than 150 years, until its closure in 1992. In recent times, in what is the largest collection of Grade 1-listed former military buildings in Europe, has been redeveloped by Urban Splash.