Jane Grant and John Matthias

Jane Grant and John Matthias (working together since 1999, in Plymouth), using phase cancellation to produce a ‘sonic surface’, Fathom (Atlantic) is a new version of Grant and Matthias’ large-scale sound installation, which mixes pre-recorded underwater sound with live acoustic transmissions from the River Tamar, enabling the audience to ‘climb through the fathom’, 6ft above the ground.

Royal William Yard Opened in 1835, occupying 16 acres of purpose-designed buildings at Devil’s Point, where the River Tamar meets Plymouth Sound, this was the main victualling yard for the Royal Navy for more than 150 years, until its closure in 1992. In recent times, in what is the largest collection of Grade 1-listed former military buildings in Europe, has been redeveloped by Urban Splash.