Jessyca Hutchens and Tamara Murdock: Stubb's Dingo
Stubbs Dingo 2018 1
  • Royal William Yard
  • 14:30 — 15:00
  • 30.09.18 — 30.09.18
  • In their performance lecture, Stubbs’ Dingo, art historian Jessyca Hutchens and human geographer Tamara Murdock will address the ‘dingo' in George Stubbs’ Portrait of a Large Dog (1772), commissioned after Cook’s first voyage, presenting multiple iterations of the dingo that both pre-date and follow the invasion and colonisation of Australia.

    Tamara Murdock is a Noongar woman from Western Australia who is also of Scottish and Japanese descent, who is interested in deconstructing the ways in which scientific knowledge, environmental legislation, and modes of communication are used to moderate and at times exclude Indigenous peoples and their ways of knowing from efforts to care for their traditional lands and waters. Jessyca Hutchens is a descendent of the Palyku people and of British descent who, as a member of the Oxford First Peoples Collective, has been involved in organising interdisciplinary events around Indigenous scholarship and politics at the University of Oxford.