Shannon Watson & Imperfect Orchestra: Immersive Orchestra
Imperfect Orchestra 1
  • Plymouth Hoe
  • 12:00 — 14:00
  • 30.09.18 — 30.09.18
  • A live performance devised by Shannon Watson with the Imperfect Orchestra that will see dozens of participants enter Plymouth Sound to swim, at their leisure, whilst being sound-tracked by the Imperfect Orchestra's ‘Plymphony No.1, in Sea’. The wild swimmers will 'conduct' the performance of the Guitar Orchestra as their strokes in the water informs the pace of the music, and the number of swimmers effects the playing dynamics. Anyone who feels that they are a capable swimmer is invited to take part. Even those who do not feel confident swimming in open water are invited to join in by splashing and paddling on the shoreline.

    The soundtrack, composed by Imperfect Orchestra, will be played by a 'Guitar Orchestra' of 100 guitar (or other stringed instrument) players. The piece will be a minimalist composition taking inspiration from wild swimming. It will rely on rhythm, repetition, ebbs and flows, swells and calms, and open C tunings. This inspiration will be encapsulated in a range of musical motifs of different skill levels for collaborative playing. Imperfect Orchestra welcomes participants of all skill levels, from complete beginner to professional musician, to take part in the performance.