Plymouth Rock 24-HR Game Jam
Game Jam

The Atlantic Project held a 24-hour Game Jam to develop a prototype mobile application, on a theme of the Plymouth Rock. Working with artist, Tommy Støckel, one of the possible outcomes for the winners of the Jam would be to build a full version of the app and to collaborate on an ongoing project, continuing through until 2020, with manifestations in Plymouth, USA, as well as Plymouth, UK.

Taking the Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts as the starting point for a new project for the Atlantic Project, in the lead-up to the Mayflower 400 anniversary in 2020, Tommy Støckel would like to develop both a physical and a virtual set of sculptures. The Plymouth Rock today is reputedly a fraction of the size of the ‘original’ first footing of the Pilgrim Fathers, eroded by souvenir-hunters, with a comic history of destruction caused by numerous relocations, and then social reconstruction as a symbol of ‘freedom’. Already an underwhelming monument, the Plymouth Rock is seen by Støckel as an object that logically can be imagined as being further fragmented, and he proposes to determine the possible further erosion processes through a mobile application. The app’s users will help to generate the shapes and sizes of the rock’s fragments.

Tommy Støckel