Carl Slater

Carl Slater (b. 1981, Cornwall) uses sculpture, collage and video to re-narrate contested histories. Sourcing fragments from private and public archives, Slater approaches difficult and sensitive content by layering and reordering to create new meanings. His formal approach to object and image draws on ideas of minimalism and vernacular culture, allowing space for the charge within historic artefacts to resonate. Referencing the history of a building that was central to Union Street’s club culture of the early 90s, for The Atlantic Project Slater reinstates a time and place within the heart of 'The Warehouse' - drawing upon video archives and hyperreality to evoke a collective experience of counter-culture and mass euphoria.

Millennium Building Originally opened in 1931 (as the Gaumont Palace cinema), the former Millennium nightclub (also known as The Warehouse), along with the notorious clubs and bars of Union Street, became a mecca for clubbers across the UK in the 1980s and 90s, before finally closing in August 2004. The building's fluted columns and tiled foyer immediately attracted attention when the Gaumont Palace opened, whilst inside the auditorium a mighty Compton organ had been installed at a cost of over £6,000 which entertained the audiences during intervals.