I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT, curated by Katie Cercone, with artists, Narcissister, Tommy Lanigan Schmidt, Greem Jellyfish, Melanie Bonajo, Rebecca Goyette, Faith Holland, Adehla Lee, Kamau Amu Patton, Chris Carr, Sol Sax, Go! Push Pops, Laura Weyl, UNDAKOVA, Lotte Karlsen, Jasmine Murrell. A group exhibition exploring the inter-dynamic relationship human beings share with the Earth and Cosmos. In an age when we are only beginning to retrieve the lost mythological archetypes in their fullest expression, where spirituality has become a veritable battleground, I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT is a mantra for total healing expressed through the genital poetry of primal power with and beyond the self.


KARST is the largest independent contemporary art venue in Plymouth, comprising a free public gallery space and artists’ studios. KARST was founded in 2012 in the industrial Millbay area of the city and aims to be a test-bed for experimentation: from conceptually complex group shows proposed by international curators to projects focussing on individual artists or artistic collaboration. As a charitable organisation, KARST focuses on working in partnership with cultural organisations, artist groups and creative individuals through curated exhibitions, events and critical dialogue, in order to support the cultural growth of Plymouth and the South West.