Kranemann + Emmett
Space Interface Ii Render A

The interdisciplinary project brings together electronic sound artist and multi-instrumentalist Eberhard Kranemann (founding member of Kraftwerk) with experimental ‘neo-noir’ architect, Mathew Emmett. Through a process of collaboration and hybridisation, Space Interface crosses the lines between contemporary art, sound, performance and architecture, evoking the sensation of travelling to unknown dimensions, where participants are invited to mediate dramatic, abstracted gravity-free structures. This approach inverts architecture from the point of its production to the site of its reception, re-considering the experience of a building as a kind of psychological prosthesis, and the role of architecture as the means by which to affect a participants’ mental re-ordering of spatial experience.

Immersive Vision Theatre

The University of Plymouth’s IVT facility was originally founded as the William Day Planetarium, opening its doors in 1967, but was transformed through HEFCE’s Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) programme. After an internal refurbishment, it was reopened by scientist and broadcaster Adam Hart Davis in 2008, around the same time as its management was taken on by i-DAT (Institute of Digital Art & Technology). Once inside, audiences of up to 40 can be exposed to ‘full-dome architecture’ with images generated digitally through a high-resolution projector, fitted with a fisheye lens and connected to customised powerful computers. A ten-speaker audio system completes the immersive experience, also allowing the venue to be used for sophisticated musical performances.

Image Credit: Rod Gonzalez (KARST: Space Interface II)